All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @_PatrickThomsen: If owning houses is your most significant way to make income, workers in our country literally carry you. There's nothing meritous about timing and generational wealth that gifts you advantages. NZers are some of the fakest, most performative egalitarians in the world.

RT @Moce_Doce: Look at my most amazing friend and love @_PatrickThomsen introducing the concept of Talanoa as the facilitator tonight ❤️❤️❤️ Proud of you forever ever 🙌🏾 #DoingTheMahi

RT @_PatrickThomsen: "Soul has nothing to do with avoiding risks and everything to do with pushing the edge. If no political party pushes the edge for radical change, the spotlight goes on to personalities and social media slogans rather than on ideas and values." LOVE THIS!…