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RT @OnThisDayPIRA: #OnThisDay in 1976 the IRA murdered Michael Clerkin, 24. Garda murdered when bomb exploded in deserted cottage near Por…

RT @OnThisDayPIRA: #OnThisDay in 1971 the IRA murdered Joseph Hill, 24. Married soldier shot during riot in Londonderry. Troops moving alon…

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Oliver Cromwell saw 3 September as his special day. #OnThisDay... 1649 he began the bloody siege of Drogheda 1650 he routed Scottish Royalists at Dunbar 1651 he won the last battle of the Civil War at Worcester 1654 he called his first Parliament as Lord Protector 1658 he died

RT @marinamaral2: Do you recognize this guy? It is 18-year-old Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th US President, who was born #OnThisDay 185…

RT @marinamaral2: #OnThisDay 1918, The Red Baron (Manfred Von Richthofen), was killed.

RT @MattLewisAuthor: #RichardIII made his final cavalry charge #OnThisDay 1485

RT @EnglishCivilWar: Parliamentarian general, Edward Montagu Earl of Manchester, whose regiment we reenact, died #OnThisDay in 1671. https:…

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Fifty years ago #OnThisDay, the Bill decriminalising homosexual acts received Royal Assent - a big victory for freedom.

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Æthelred II died #onthisday 1016. The Witan then laid down the conditions for his successor, in a remarkable precursor to 1689. #Whig

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#OnThisDay 1982, Argentina invaded the #Falklands - a tragedy from which, however, came a renaissance in the islands and in Argentina.