All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @robdelaney: Joe Biden being hidden away by his donors/staff now (for very obvious reasons) may help him win primary but he’ll have to come out of hiding in the general & he’ll be shredded & Trump will waltz to a 2nd term & all will suffer. His staff, donors & friends are dangerous, to you.

RT @JohnDoe78359022: RT @JohnDoe78359022: Judge rules Jeffrey Epstein will not be granted bail. He’ll remain in jail until his trial.

RT @TweetFootbaII: RT @TweetFootbaII: BREAKING: David Silva confirms he’ll leave Man City at the end of new season.

RT @ToryFibs: A vortex of delusion. He’ll never be the U.K. Prime Minister. If I ever captain Ireland to the World Cup, I would take the penalties.…