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OSD to Chief Minister - UP. Mission = विश्वगुरु - भारत with उत्कृष्ट प्रदेश - यूपी! (Views are Personal, RTs aren't endorsement)

Got to be honest. Those inspirational London station signs aren't all they're cracked up to be...

RT @thhamilton: RT @thhamilton: Keeping the triple lock and the winter fuel payment aren't really concessions to the DUP, they're concessions to maths.

Thing is, people aren't buying Labour talking down our health service and Kezia has just been exposed to that rather abruptly #bbcqt

Just switched on TV to see @kdugdalemsp suggest reason Labour behind in polls is voters aren't focused on #ge15. Of course. Silly voters...

RT @AllyMacabre: RT @AllyMacabre: @markmcdsnp @YsabelleStewart @kdugdalemsp The real reason is Labour aren't focused on the voters...

@MarrsioFootball @alexmassie @mikebell48 @erin_perrin @HumzaYousaf actually, that's unfair. Tea cakes aren't bad, just wafers are better

Nick Clegg is talking like people aren't looking at him and saying 'but you voted for these things, you're responsible' #leadersdebate

@MisssyM @Ellonloon seem to remember her mum is a rather unpleasant kipper (aren't they all?) probably forced into it

@JournoStephen just as well there aren't any photos of senior Labour politicians being pally (and that was after the Assange rape remarks)