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LIVE: From the Premier's office, taking your questions. #ableg

RT @boehmerB: WATCH: @jkenney expressing Alberta’s legitimate frustration with Confederation #cdnpoli #ableg

RT @srixer: -40 in Edmonton tonight and Govt thinks it's a good idea to raise the cost of heating Alberta homes. #ableg

Thanks to both sides of the #ableg for sending a strong message to Ottawa with a unanimous motion opposing the Tanker Ban on Alberta Oil C-48 and the No More Pipelines Bill C-69. Standing together as one Team Alberta, we will fight for the economic future of our province.

Congratulations, Minister @voteleela! #ableg

Congratulations, Minister @rebeccakschulz! #ableg

Congratulations, Minister @GrantHunterAB! #ableg

RT @RyanHastman: Jobs. ✅ Economy. ✅ Pipelines. ✅ Strong message to start the campaign from @Alberta_UCP @jkenney #ableg

Help is on the way, and hope is on the horizon. Together we will make an Alberta that’s Strong & Free. #ableg #abstrongandfree

Hope over Fear. Unity over Division. Together we'll build an Alberta that's Strong and Free. #ableg #abstrongandfree