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X-MLA from Pindra, Uttar Pradesh | Congress Varanasi बनारस अजय राय |

IYC (india) tweeted :

Neither Modi nor Kejriwal have anything to do with Varanasi,they're opportunists,Mr.Rai is a popular local :@ANI_news

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RT @INCIndia: RT @INCIndia: Crowds swell up as Rahul Gandhi's road show passes through the streets of Varanasi #KashiKiRaiAjaiRai

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RT @INCLiveTweets: RT @INCLiveTweets: RT @ANI_news: This is an act of desperation- P Chidambaram on BJP's Varanasi protest

IYC (india) tweeted :

A ‘naami gunhegaar’ (noted criminal) is contesting from Varanasi and I will be there to expose him:Puri Shankaracharya