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RT @P_i_n_k_y____: RT @P_i_n_k_y____: Should I send u a DM or u have a girlfriend◽◽◽ Retweet and follow me Let’s have a fun day◽◽◽❣️

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RT @phumla_em: I’m typing this nje I’m shaking. I took his number plate but I’m glad I won’t need it. Guys please, let’s REITERATE to our little sisters and girl children EVERYDAY the importance of not talking to, or worse, getting into cars with strangers. They dnt know any better💔😭yho men

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RT @Luigiano_: RT @Luigiano_: I have time. Let’s end careers. Let’s get the police involved. He needs to pay for assaulting this woman

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RT @sahouraxo: On #InternationalWomensDay and every day, let’s say out loud that you are responsible for the death, displacement and suffering of millions of women worldwide—and no matter how many Hulu documentaries, podcasts or Ellen appearances you do, nothing will ever erase your war crimes.

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RT @SizweDhlomo: RT @SizweDhlomo: Let’s assume all of them have it now...

RT @KayGHlapKing: RT @KayGHlapKing: Let’s bring back ubaba please ◽◽◽‍♂️◽◽…

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RT @PearlThusi: RT @PearlThusi: Ok. I might not be able to go but I’ll buy 10 tickets and give them away to #FillUpFNBStadium . Let’s make history with @Ca…

RT @LaurenLNipsey: RT @LaurenLNipsey: What is your favorite songs by Nip? Let’s keep his music alive forever. ✊◽◽ #LongLiveNipsey

RT @Dr_PattyGrace: RT @Dr_PattyGrace: Guys, let’s start a stokvel for Coachella 2020?