All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @CatherineKingMP: When we wrote this letter the Government dismissed us with an angry tweet. Five months later they’ve seen sense and done exactly what we asked. A great win for Australians with Type 1 diabetes.…

About to speak in the Senate on #bankingRC after a visit to hear from Karratha locals & the shameful way they’ve been treated by #banks RC should be extended to hear these stories #auspol @ClareONeilMP

RT @simon_rosenberg: “This is a government which has simply ceased to govern. Not only have they given up governing, they’ve given up pretending to govern. They have no agenda and no legislation" #auspol…

Her’s the true measure of desperate WA Liberals, they’ve done a deal with Clive Palmer hoping to save their skins but actually they’re rather do a deal with #OneNation as that’s who they have more In common with. A vote for WA Libs is a vote for chaos & extremism #auspol #May18

RT @jennymcallister: They are so short on things to do in the @ausenste that they’ve listed the Governor General’s speech for debate - a speech he gave more than 2 years ago! #auspol

RT @unionsaustralia: #Bennelong voters have had enough of funds being ripped out of hospitals and schools. They’ve had enough of crazily high power prices & no NBN. Next Sat send Turnbull a message. #insiders #auspol