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RT @deniseshrivell: Let’s just imagine for a moment if nazi’s had infiltrated the Labor or Greens? Media letting Nats off the hook far too easily for this. Why? #auspol #insiders

Carol Brown (australia) tweeted :

The Liberals aren’t fair on taxation, let’s vote them out. #Auspol #politas

RT @BenjaminDudman: Come and join us at the UTAS Labor stall on the Sandy Bay campus. Let’s talk about how Bill Shorten and Labor will improve the lives of all Australians! #politas #polituu #auspol

Carol Brown (australia) tweeted :

The team at Ulverstone South going strong for Justine Keay @AustralianLabor candidate for Braddon. Let’s bring it home for Justine.

Carol Brown (australia) tweeted :

Let’s not forget Brett Whiteley view on #medicare (14/01/15) #Vote 1 for @AustralianLabor candidate @justinekeay #standingupforbraddon

Carol Brown (australia) tweeted :

I couldn't agree more with my #politas colleagues @BrianMitchellMP and @RossHartMP. “Let’s talk first about keeping jobs here before we boast about phantom jobs” #auspol…

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RT @AlboMP: RT @AlboMP: A new week and yet another new Minister for Infrastructure and Transport - let’s hope this one knows Inland Rail doesn’t go to…

RT @Davidobyrne1969: And not one of them are voting Liberal. Let’s be clear, workers in this industry have some of the lowest wages in the country, 80% are casual and the industry is advocating cutting penalty rates, now they say they care about their workers? Give me strength #politas #tasvotes 2/2

RT @bec_white: It’s on! Let’s win this @TasmanianLabor and give Tasmanians a Government they can be proud of, that prioritises fixing the health system and puts people first #politas

RT @billshortenmp: RT @billshortenmp: We can make marriage equality right now @TurnbullMalcolm. Join with me and let’s get it done.