All deleted tweets from politicians

Mzwandile Masina (ANC) replied to @AsneleC :

@AsneleC @mpmogale @amaBhungane @OUTASA @wayneduv We have to resolution to sell SAA, let’s see those behind it how they will do it

Mzwandile Masina (ANC) tweeted :

# LockDownJoyseParty. Shimza we are all your let’s go!!!

RT @TebelloMoloi6: #PrayForSouthAfrica Let’s not forget to pray for our leaders in this trying time too. The governance and dedication they’ve shown is paramount to none ever shown in SA history. Mzansi this too shall pass. ✨❤️🙏🏿🇿🇦

RT @Shimza01: RT @Shimza01: 25th of December let’s goooo!!!! #OMS2019 with @ChannelOTV

RT @Lesufi: Sincere apologies 👏🏾 fellow South Africans 🇿🇦 the initial angle was completely wrong! Let’s celebrate the team’s win @Springboks Forward with social cohesion. We are better together than divided! Apartheid flag divides South African 🇿🇦 flag unites! Slaan hulle die volgende week!

RT @tyronemaseko: Yho Flo! Read any of her reports? Judgments against her? Let’s take 1 eg: she writes a report that refers to subsections of the law (Act) only they don’t exist. That’s an advocate. How would you feel about your Dr telling you u have flu meantime you have a terrible migraine?…

Min. Nathi Mthethwa (ANC) tweeted :

Watch: MaAfrica let’s heed the @Springboks's call & keep sending our messages of support as they prepare for the final. To celebrate #BokWeek let us wear our springbok symbols throughout the week to show our boys our unwavering support & that we will always be #StrongerTogether

Hitting the road running, in case of today, let’s say - rail. I just arrived at Wolmerton Train Station where I’ll be relieving a preliminary report of the train collusion over the weekend. I had asked Rail Safety Regulator for this investigation. #MbalulaInspection

LET’S GROW SOUTH AFRICA Hazyview in Mpumalanga affirms. #GrowSouthAfrica #ThumaMina

LET’S GROW SOUTH AFRICA TOGETHER President @CyrilRamaphosa speaks in Tembisa. #GrowSouthAfrica #ThumaMina