All deleted tweets from politicians

Ged Killen (UKMPs) retweeted @labourirish :

RT @labourirish: Best of luck to the brilliant @Gedk today. All of us hoping he’ll be re-elected in Rutherglen & Hamilton West! In the past two years Ged has done so much to support equal marriage in NI - dedicating so much time to making society that little bit more equal! ☘️🌹#GE2019

RT @StephenLloydEBN: If this is true then Cummings is a grade A shit and, as sure as eggs is eggs, he’ll crash and burn. You don’t treat people who report to you like this, ever! Even Tory gov SPADS. Kindness costs nothing.

RT @VictoriaPeckham: RT @VictoriaPeckham: Some also added: “But he’ll talk with the IRA/Chavez/terrorists” etc. This could be a dangerous trope for Corbyn.

What’s funny about this is that he’ll probably be famously the president not to get on the front page!…