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RT @mattforde: It’s incredible that a government who’ve had a disastrous couple of months don’t realise the opportunity @MarcusRashford has given them to a) do the right thing and feed poor hungry kids and b) finally get themselves some positive coverage

Ian Austin (Labour) retweeted @d4nf0x :

RT @d4nf0x: People who’ve spent the last half decade attached to the likes of Chris Williamson, Lowkey and assorted other cranks should perhaps be less concerned about who anyone else has a cup of tea with.

RT @fletchersimon: Update: There’s a few more days of Movember. Thanks so much to all of you who’ve sponsored me. If you haven’t, and you feel like slinging me a few quid for this moustache lark, then here’s how to donate:

RT @tobyperkinsmp: The second day of my Brexit survey took me to Hady. Thanks to all those who’ve responded. Some really productive responses and discussions on this complicated and nuanced issue.

RT @TracyBrabin: What a fabulous campaign and congratulations to all who’ve worked so hard to get more women represented in our public spaces @JimfromOldham @Debbie_abrahams @MPeakeOfficial @CoopParty…

Diana Johnson (Labour) retweeted @OnnMel :

RT @OnnMel: This is wonderful news. Have friends who’ve lost babies & is traumatic, devastating. Specialist support & separate area for grieving impt 👍👍👍…

RT @Bill_Esterson: Standard question in the Work Capability Assessment for people with serious mental health conditions who’ve had suicidal thoughts is ‘why haven’t you killed yourself then?' The government refuses to put a stop to such cruelty. They nasty party is back.…