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RT @xtophercook: RT @xtophercook: OBR forecast is for anaemic growth - not breaching 1.6% in the forecast horizon.

RT @marcorobinson7: @jessphillips please help share this : 34% increase in manchester in homelessness. Highest death rate in the U.K. 1.6 billion homeless worldwide. Please help me create the #1stsustainablefoodshelter in the world with @FREEDOMXCHARITY & donate now :… stats;

RT @rosskempsell: -The total number of violence against the person offences rose by 19% year-on-year to 1.6 million. - Total police-recorded crime, excluding fraud and computer misuse, stood at 5.2 million offences in 2018 - up from 4.8 million in 2017, a rise of 7%.

RT @ShehabKhan: RT @ShehabKhan: When George Osborne took office in 2010 national debt was £780 billion. It is now £1.6 trillion.

Neil Bibby (Labour) tweeted :

£1.6 BILLION needed to repair Scotland's roads. Cost of SNP after 10 years. Councils need proper funding not cuts.…

RT @IanMearnsMP: RT @IanMearnsMP: Just a question of The Chancellor - Who missed the deficit reduction targets - while doubling the debt to £1.6 Trillion #O…

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RT @Shelter: RT @Shelter: Number of families renting privately has risen to a historic high of 1.6 million – increase of over 50% in last 5 yrs. #Englis…