All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @robdelaney: Joe Biden being hidden away by his donors/staff now (for very obvious reasons) may help him win primary but he’ll have to come out of hiding in the general & he’ll be shredded & Trump will waltz to a 2nd term & all will suffer. His staff, donors & friends are dangerous, to you.

RT @MattWolfAB: Imagine if Andrew Scheer was asked whether he’ll ban abortion, and he answered “not at the moment,” then refused to elaborate. Think Scheer would be able to get away with that? Think the press would be trying to debunk Liberal attack ads? No on both counts. #cdnpoli #elxn43…

RT @JohnDoe78359022: RT @JohnDoe78359022: Judge rules Jeffrey Epstein will not be granted bail. He’ll remain in jail until his trial.

RT @TweetFootbaII: RT @TweetFootbaII: BREAKING: David Silva confirms he’ll leave Man City at the end of new season.

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

So he’ll roll back any/all subsidies to the Ontario auto sector? Bold. Bold leadership.

Today in the House: I’m asking the Minister of Justice if he’ll overturn this voting ban, which we know is a breach of the Bill of Rights Act and hinders rehabilitation…

RT @ToryFibs: A vortex of delusion. He’ll never be the U.K. Prime Minister. If I ever captain Ireland to the World Cup, I would take the penalties.…

@alexdaiglecup @JoeyColeman If he’s serious and passionate, he’ll do an interview tonight or tomorrow night. Or the night after.

RT @nspector4: + 1 "If @AJWVictoriaBC uses this tactic to bring down @jjhorgan over LNG, he’ll have provided a more persuasive case study of the risks of switching to PR than any argument mustered by advocates of the status quo"… #bcpoli

Britain First (unknown) tweeted :

Jeremy Corbyn pledges to ditch Britain’s nukes as he boasts he’ll be in Downing Street ... -… Follow @BritainFirst