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RT @rolandmcs: RT @rolandmcs: Look inside your cutlery drawer. The forks are in the middle, aren't they. Is it the law or something?

RT @DawnWestcott: Why are we using precious green fields to house solar panels? Why aren't they put on agricultural, business and residential buildings instead?…

RT @timothy_stanley: It's going to be at least two years of hearing that there aren't enough centrists in politics. After roughly thirty years of them running everything.

RT @andrew_lilico: They're literally gonna do it, aren't they. They're going to go into a national election with no leader, because that's better than going in with the leader they had.…

RT @Holbornlolz: The Swiss have had over 500 referendums. Name a Swiss politician. You can't. Because they aren't important. Now that's a system worth looking at.

RT @markmobility: RT @markmobility: .@realDonaldTrump on people asking for asylum "These aren't people. These are animals."

RT @UnityNewsNet: We have been criticising Sky News, The BBC & ITV for their coverage. Some of their 'journalists' aren't happy An elderly yellow vest women here being attacked by French Storm Troopers pleading 'please stop'-Is this all over the news? You wonder why people dont trust the MSM?

RT @Michael_Heaver: EU aren't going to renegotiate anything substantial with a soft-touch UK government who foolishly attack No Deal rather than tell Brussels we may walk away.…

Hans Jansen (EU) retweeted @AmyMek :

RT @AmyMek: M*slim Refugees are seeking refuge in Christian Countries. Ask yourself, WHY aren't they seeking refuge in M*SLIM Countries! #60Minutes

RT @IrelandUncut: RT @IrelandUncut: #Sidetrack Right wing politicians aren't to fond of babies..week old foetus yes, not living babies @gavinsblog @lukeming