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RT @EconEconomics: RT @EconEconomics: Farmers responded to President Kennedy's move to get rid of immigrants by swapping them for machines…

RT @EconEconomics: RT @EconEconomics: Sterling's 6% fall in two minutes this morning was a very unusual event

RT @EconEconomics: RT @EconEconomics: Every oil exporting country is unhappy, each in its own way

RT @dgog61: Insightful analysis of the Pakistan 'problem' and how US policy makers often get it wrong,- by @husainhaqqani . It's from 2013 but relevant to this day. Courtesy @AspenInstitute

RT @nailainayat: RT @nailainayat: How can you be at a particular conference where participation is on invitation? #justasking

RT @fispahani: Defense officials tell AP that active-duty troops brought to DC area in response to protests are returning to home bases. #WashingtonDC…

RT @zarak_khaan: Idrees khattak has been abducted & he has been in their custody for da last 6 months Social & human rights r requested to campaign for its speedy & safe recovery. His disappearance has raised so many questions @mazdaki @GulBukhari @Gulalai_Ismail @AWGoraya #WhereIsIdrisKhattak

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