All deleted tweets from politicians

Nazier Paulsen (EFF) tweeted :

I told this bra that I’m on my way to buy bread at the spaza shop but he wanted to take chances. I hope he’s ok.

RT @dules_k: @kabelodick @SowetanLIVE He has to act otherwise the whole country will not respect him ever but I'm hoping Stella must just save the President and I dreaming?

RT @FatherFace1: RT @FatherFace1: @Afrikangenesis @fanamokoena That's exactly what white people say when we cry foul about white privilege.

RT @FatherFace1: @fanamokoena This is very true my brother, I for one don't know how I would act and behaviour if my partner was earning anything close to what I'm earning or even if she was earning more than me. I think I would just freak because I'm used to being dependent on. I don't know anything else.

RT @FatherFace1: @fanamokoena We are broken my brother. That's a fact that no one wants to accept and face. We as Africans are a broken people and African men have been made to carry the burden of taking care of families of 10 to 15 or more people on one salary so we are stressed and feel useless.

RT @kateejamieson: RT @kateejamieson: This is why you don't wear green on TV ◽◽

In our hour of greatest need, the ANC Government wants to continue with racial bean-counting regardless of what the incredible damage and job losses it will bring.