All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @BaloyiBongani1: Help me find Ngobeni, he hasn’t brought back my charger. Have you seen him? @Makashule @Penxenxe @SebeNkambule @zilevandamme @BONGESA

Is it not strange that there hasn’t been any media reporting on Daniel Freedman’s suspension, either for or against it? When Kanthan Pillay was suspended it was rolling coverage.

RT @DilutedZuluGirl: Please help me find my mom. She left for Witbank from Pta and hasn’t gotten home yet. Phones ring unanswered. She was wearing a purple dress when she left, drives a Hyundai ix35 that’s grey. Number plate starts with JPY....MP

RT @Mamfeka19: Hi Guys a friend of mine has been missing since the 19th of August and hasn’t been found.Her mother is not taking this well, she has even lost weight.Can y’all please Retweet this until we find her Ngyancela❤️ #BringNatashaHome…

RT @Tshweu_: Hey Guys. My cousin,Buhle/Jessie hasn’t been home since yesterday morning. Please be on the look out for her. Last seen at the Pretoria Library taking a taxi to Centurion around 17:00. Please RT for awareness.

RT @abuyile_m: Please help us find our friend Qabuka. She was last spoken to on Sunday 01 September. She hasn’t been active on social networks and her phone has been going straight to voicemail ever since. We are still trying to gather all the other information of where she was last seen.

@TonyLeonSA @BDliveSA There hasn’t been an ANC Minister that big businesses hasn’t met and fallen in love with, despite the damage they wreck on the economy because for as long as the ANC keep small businesses locked out of the economy, big business benefits.

Definition of Nyof Nyof there by the Dumelang Alliance. One MP says BEE hasn’t been abandoned - the other says it has.

RT @AkaniSimbine: What an incredible night! Thank you for all the messages 🙏🏽 I am truly humbled! Still hasn’t sunk in ... maybe when I wake up tomorrow I’ll realize it is not a dream. #100mGold! We did it @KINGBRUINTJIES!! 🇿🇦🙏🏽🥇🥈