All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @swalker06: So I’ve been on the fence about sharing this clip, because folks who’ve done it have been berated. But Black and Brown people deserve to know the things Joe Biden has said, what he’s stood for, and how his policies have impacted their communities. Choose your fighter.

RT @FollowPolitics_: 💬 Green Party co-leader @Jon_Bartley: “Many people who’ve spent decades with their vote dedicated to other parties are switching to us, inspired by our commitment to say yes to Europe and no to climate change.”

RT @DouglasCarswell: “Rebuild trust in politics” say MPs defecting from one party, without asking their constituents permission, and who’ve been trying overturn a referendum result.

RT @Georgina6409: @georgegalloway Did you notice that Salisbury District Hospital, who’ve been caring for the alleged nerve agent victims for last month or so, are desperately trying to raise £1.5 million for an MRI scanner - that won’t make the headlines 😪