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RT @Spandan911: If there's truly one guy in India capable of delivering on Promises and making real "Smart Cities", its not Modi but Arvind Kejriwal. It's our collective responsibility to empower AAP so that clean governance is provided on every inch of this Land! #MyFavouriteSmartCity

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RT @Spandan911: You might have hear about various lobbies that influence the govt, there's a new one in town -The RO Lobby. The recent statements from the BJP leader clearly shows that there's a setting between the company and the govt. Will they clear the air? Or... #PaswanKiROSetting

RT @RahulTulsian6: Well said Mr @sambitswaraj ji,your A to I,it's destroyed the so called evils spirits of india and there's a lot of it too, your word's are true and honest too and of course courageous, I salute you sir ji for your courage, Bharat Mata ki jai jai hind

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RT @guptar: Without casting aspersion on anyone, there's an interesting Gujarat link in the recent leaks. #SSC Chairperson: Ashim Khurana, Gujarat cadre IAS. #CBSE Chairperson, Anita Karwal (1998, Gujarat cadre), and Gujarat Chief Electoral officer during the Lok Sabha election in 2014

RT @AlexCKaufman: there are editors who look out for their reporters, and then there's @NickBaumann, who writes 1,200 words defending @lukeobrien and indicting Twitter for its complete failure to police rampant Nazi trolling on its platform.…

RT @ipskabra: RT @ipskabra: There's no illusion greater than fear. #MondayMotivation.

RT @mirchagalib: This time, there's are a lot of video evidences in place including the face of this Anti India(Hindu) riot which in undeniable. No matter how hard you try to Put blame on others. From 15 cr to this shahrukh Bandukchi. Also the instigators ie, "Hum dekhenge" brigade.

RT @aryansrivastav_: @kavita_krishnan @_sufiyana_ In Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, there's is a protest going infront of Collector office and it is just like the Shaheen Bagh protests. This protest is organized by Ambedkarites.

RT @Fact: RT @Fact: If you are 16 or older, there's an 80% chance you've already met the person you are going to marry.

RT @Chandrabosebjp: If Muslims are not being persecuted in their home country they would not come,so there's no harm in including them. However, this is not entirely true- what about Baluch who live in Pakistan & Afghanistan? What about Ahwadiyya in Pakistan?