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RT @M_Lekhi: Let’s rededicate ourselves to the service of our nation on this day when two great leaders of India i.e Gandhi Ji & Shastri Ji were born. Their lives will continue to inspire generations of Indians. Only strong can choose to be nonviolent weak only pretend being nonviolent 🙏🏽🇮🇳

Ankit Lal (india) retweeted @Spandan911 :

RT @Spandan911: I believe the true meaning of nationalism is lost amongst the jingoistic chaos around us. This #IndependenceDay let’s take a moment to hear this man and ponder upon what it truly means to be a Nationalist. #ArvindKejriwal

“While reimagining Indian Universities, let’s think out of the box!We must think of a University of Democracy? Converting our cultural heritage into a body of knowledge we can think of a University of Folk Culture and a University Of Happiness!”Valedictory Session @ AIU Webinar!

Dr. C.P. Joshi (india) tweeted :

On this #WorldLionDay Let’s Take an oath on to help and save the natural habitat of the jungle's king to ensure his survival.

Avadhut Wagh (india) retweeted @DVATW :

RT @DVATW: RT @DVATW: Let’s suppose we could only choose from which these countries we would accept immigration. Which would you choose?

RT @derekobrienmp: Before #Unlock2 let’s backtrack and examine how the Centre imposed a flawed lockdown that caused immense suffering. #Reupping the article I wrote for @htTweets Read >>

Dr. C.P. Joshi (india) tweeted :

“ Say No To Drugs ans Yes To Life “ On this ‘International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking ‘ let’s pledge ourselves to completely eradicate the menace of drugs from our society .

Devendra Sharma (india) retweeted @zev_dr :

RT @zev_dr: #crowdprotocol latest news. Call for volunteers to translate platform into every language. Let’s turn the world upside down. End the lies, corruption, and unnecessary deaths. #ZelenkoProtocol

Manish Tewari (india) tweeted :

Let’s make 21st century the children’s century. Let’s resolve to not engage any child in any form of labour in our surroundings. #WorldDayAgainstChildLabour

RT @ActorMadhavan: It’s a war against terror not between 2 nations yet. Dear Media —-you can actually stop this escalation .. please let’s be responsible and work towards peace.