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Today, the Morrison Government's cuts to JobSeeker begin. This will be a kick in the guts to struggling people. We're still smack bang in the middle of this pandemic, and right at the start of the Morrison recession. Now is not the time to be cutting support from Australians.

RT @dannagal: Just spent the last 15 minutes in my 200 student media & society lecture talking to them about radicalization online through Instagram & YouTube. We used to say talk to your family and friends about drugs, now I say talk to your family and friends about online radicalization…

Hey baby what’s happening!? #BacheloretteAU

Ministers can run from scrutiny and blame the department all they want, but the buck stops with them.

RT @MrsMThatcher: RT @MrsMThatcher: Socialists don't like ordinary people choosing, for they might not choose Socialism.

@abcmelbourne @emvdn @Raf_Epstein Trieste is now all tuckered out after her big afternoon in the public eye!

Watching these wonderful people speak about racial gatekeeping on Australian media #C2N

The HomeBuilder Scheme is to small to save the jobs of lots of tradies and it is rolling out to slowly. The Budget is a chance for the Government to fix this bungled scheme and do a lot more including build more affordable housing for the heroes of this crisis #auspol

Catryna Bilyk (australia) tweeted :

Airservices Australia is cutting aviation firefighting crew numbers, however, just because planes are grounded doesn't mean the risk of a catastrophic incident is any less. Cutting aviation firefighting crews is just #planestupid. @UFUAviation

This is terrific. On the sad day that former QLD Secretary passed away this anti-racism video makes it clear that the @etuqldnt is still a clarion call for social justice, for a member-led union and decent values.