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RT @Amazing63238098: RT @Amazing63238098: If we want to kickstart the building industry let’s start with well-designed low- density social housing ◽

So has anyone ever let’s say committed to writing a book and then right at the end realised that they actually don’t have any idea how to write a book?! 😳 How would one deal with that? Unfortunately I am not asking for a friend

RT @nyunggai: RT @nyunggai: In today’s Financial Review: Only private capital can create jobs. Let’s get it to work.

“Let’s go Sharkies”

RT @EamonnFitz: Failing a test is one thing. Repeatedly failing the tests you set for yourself as PM is another - let’s not forget 30 Newspolls as well as #SuperSatuday #insiders #auspol

RT @EamonnFitz: RT @EamonnFitz: Let’s not forget the preference deals the LNP did in Qld with One Nation, who are soft on domestic violence. #qt

RT @EamonnFitz: RT @EamonnFitz: You know what to do tomorrow Queensland - let’s stop the LNP’s savage cuts and their pact with One Nation. #qldvotes https:…

Let’s not forget the failures of the PM either. One of @ScottMorrisonMP’s first actions as PM was abolishing a dedicated Minister for Cyber Security. Tackling cyber threats takes more than just money or announcements- it demands leadership.   More from the @australian today👇🏻

Let’s listen to the voices of actual Chinese students speaking about the positive experience they have had. With no systemic racism and only 102 COVID-19 deaths Australia is the safe choice for students who want to study in an English speaking country.

With $60b already budgeted let’s make sure no one who’s lost their job gets access to support. That’s casuals, migrant workers and workers in the Arts & Entertainment industry. We need an urgent $2b industry package to help artists & creative workers who have lost their jobs.