All deleted tweets from politicians

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

True. Now, back to Canada.... can Malala Yousafzai teach in your home province of Quebec or no?

Sean Casey MP (Liberal) tweeted :

Stopped into the Parkdale Sherwood Headstart Learning Centre today and read some @robertmuncher stories to the kids. 📚 I’m proud our Government is focused on the next generation of leaders - we invested over $10 million to create 200 new childcare spaces in #PEI

Marc Garneau (Liberal) tweeted :

La pauvreté est au niveau historique le plus bas! 🇨🇦 L'allocation canadienne pour enfants a aidé à sortir près de 30 000 enfants de la pauvreté. Alors que les conservateurs n'ont jamais appuyé l'ACE, nous continuerons à nous battre pour que tous les enfants aient une chance égale

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

For those who didn’t read faceapp's terms of service... #FaceApp

Charlie Angus NDP (NDP) tweeted :

"What worries me is when my baby gets nose bleeds when I give her a bathe." -- Attawapiskat mother. This is the face of the water crisis in Attawapiskat. No more band-aids. It's time for Seamus O'Regan to show up.

Congratulations to @GrainCorp on opening your new elevator in Huxley. Great to see that marketing freedom that we fought so hard for is providing opportunities for growth in the #agriculture industry. This is just the latest example. #cdpoli #marketingfreedom

And remember that Davie built the Astrix AOR on time and on budget with no thanks to the Liberals who tried to kill the project! Liberals are blatantly electioneering using taxpayer dollars. Their change of heart for Davie is too little, too late!

@jyduclos your Liberal revisionist history would make Putin blush! For the record: Trudeau government tries to cancel Astrix contract; VAdm Mark Norman saves contract; PM besmirches good character of Norman & politically interferes in case; all charges dropped. Shame on you!!

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

The Jordan McColeman story - amazing. “A friend is more important than a political party.” @Phil4Brant

Robert Aubin (NDP) tweeted :

On enregistre le 8e épisode du balado Le Député-Prof! Cette semaine, on démistifie la toute nouvelle Charte des passagers, qui est entrée en vigueur (partiellement...) le 15 juillet dernier. Bonne écoute! #polcan #transport