All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @mattforde: It’s incredible that a government who’ve had a disastrous couple of months don’t realise the opportunity @MarcusRashford has given them to a) do the right thing and feed poor hungry kids and b) finally get themselves some positive coverage

RT @MonteMcNaughton: Today is National Day of Mourning. We’re commemorating those who’ve passed away, become ill or suffered an injury at work. Now more than ever, the value and vulnerability of our workers has become apparent as Ontario and the rest of the world fight COVID-19. #DayOfMourning

RT @BernieSanders: I’ve gone to too many funerals in my own state. I’ve talked to too many mothers who’ve lost their kids in war. I’ve talked to too many soldiers who’ve come home with PTSD, who have come home without arms and without legs.

RT @AngelaCrawley30: It’s been an incredible #GeneralElection campaign. I am so grateful to all the amazing @theSNP activists, who’ve worked tirelessly; rain, hail or shine. 💛 We have not taken a single vote for granted & worked to earn every single #SNP vote. Polls open tomorrow at 7am. #VoteSNP 🗳

RT @BorisJohnson: For those who’ve noticed, this really is how I make my tea. It lets it brew and makes it stronger. ☕️ #partypoliticalbroadcast…

RT @nyunggai: So there’s the truth to your policy - you want low income retirees to pay 30% tax instead of zero tax. People who’ve paid taxes all their lives to fund hospitals, schools, roads etc. And a million dollars in super doesn’t pay a high annual income for a 20+ year retirement #auspol…

RT @DavidMaynier: RT @DavidMaynier: Lessons on how to build smart economies from policymakers who’ve done it via @QuartzCreative