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OSD to Chief Minister - UP. Mission = विश्वगुरु - भारत with उत्कृष्ट प्रदेश - यूपी! (Views are Personal, RTs aren't endorsement)

RT @JerryHicksUnite: Send a message to @Keir_Starmer Why aren't you holding Johnson & his disastrous Tory Gov to account? Why's it left to #peirsmorgan to be the 'opposition leader'? #gmb "You as a Government actively sent people out to get infected WHY?” #COVID #Covid_19

RT @LDNRentersUnion: Turns out landlords CAN afford to suspend rent and make sure their tenants aren't forced into debt. The government needs to #SuspendRent now! 🔥🔥🔥

RT @LondonEconomic: RT @LondonEconomic: 88% of Tory ads aren't true. 0% of Labour's are misleading - official:…

RT @soupcoff: RT @soupcoff: My kids aren't mature enough yet for Mister Rogers…

RT @HTLGIFestival: "People are right to be angry... if you think our societies and economies aren't working the way they are meant to, you're right. We must act" #HTLGI speaker, Labour MP and author of The New Serfdom @angelaeagle:

RT @DawnWestcott: Why are we using precious green fields to house solar panels? Why aren't they put on agricultural, business and residential buildings instead?…

RT @markmobility: RT @markmobility: .@realDonaldTrump on people asking for asylum "These aren't people. These are animals."

RT @ANI: Pradeep Kumar, CRPF Official: Madhya Pradesh Police aren't letting us work, they're hurling abuses at us. We're only following orders of our seniors. Seniors have asked us to not let anybody in. Proceedings are on, that’s why we're not letting anybody in; only performing our duty

RT @IainDale: I cannot understand why the benches on both sides of the House aren't rammed full. This is a potentially historic day. Where are the 200 or so MPs who think something is more important than listening to what the Prime Minister has to say?

RT @mihirssharma: RT @mihirssharma: At least some of our politicians aren't scared to ask. (Really apposite photo too)…