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RT @P_i_n_k_y____: RT @P_i_n_k_y____: Should I send u a DM or u have a girlfriend◽◽◽ Retweet and follow me Let’s have a fun day◽◽◽❣️

RT @DaryRezvani: RT @DaryRezvani: Radical left: Healthcare plz Radical right: let’s kidnap a Governor

RT @mcguffindavid: RT @mcguffindavid: Good. And let’s get 24 Sussex renovated too.…

RT @MoniquePoirier_: The irony of seeing one of Labour’s massive “Let’s keep moving” signs every time I am stuck at one of Auckland’s most congested bottlenecks on the motorway is not lost on me.

Ankit Lal (india) retweeted @Spandan911 :

RT @Spandan911: I believe the true meaning of nationalism is lost amongst the jingoistic chaos around us. This #IndependenceDay let’s take a moment to hear this man and ponder upon what it truly means to be a Nationalist. #ArvindKejriwal

Peter Julian (NDP) retweeted @princeof416 :

RT @princeof416: @MPJulian @theJagmeetSingh @NDP Let’s thank all those we see & those who work behind the scenes to keep us safe, healthy & on the go - 👏 Canadian worker heros! ❤️ #LabourDay

RT @FKParsons: Please, Twitter. Let’s help find Mary (Molly) Martin. She’s only 14. As a mother of a teenager myself (also Indigenous) I cannot imagine what her family is going through.

Scott Simms (Liberal) retweeted @tfy1958 :

RT @tfy1958: RT @tfy1958: Twillingate makes final four for Kraft Hockeyville. Let’s all get behind them!! @NTVNewsNL @VOCMNEWS @CBCNL @GovNL https://t.…

Scott Simms (Liberal) retweeted @tfy1958 :

RT @tfy1958: RT @tfy1958: Okay Twitter friends. Log on to Kraft Hockeyville and vote vote vote for Twillingate. Let’s push them on to victory togethet

sipho mbatha (EFF) retweeted @Luigiano_ :

RT @Luigiano_: RT @Luigiano_: I have time. Let’s end careers. Let’s get the police involved. He needs to pay for assaulting this woman