All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @neupresident: [Thanks to @karamballes.] Let’s be quite clear: this is an outright lie - @educationgovuk “no additional funding, no extra staff & no temporary classrooms” = “no smaller class sizes & no ‘strict social distancing’ ...” It’s either deliberate deceit or dangerous delusion.

Jim McMahon MP (Labour) tweeted :

Let’s be under no illusions, the Government view is that this is a Northern lockdown, so it’s okay to do it on the cheap Time spent trying to understand further gives the government more credit than they deserve…

Kiri Allan (unknown) tweeted :

Advanced voting commenced today - let’s keep moving from our centre of the universe, the Mighty East Coast.

RT @bashirgwakh: Let’s see how many get arrested from #PashtunLongMarch2Wana under the new law that bans criticizing #Pakistan army. 1000s of peaceful protesters condemned the reemergence of terror groups & asked to produce missing persons to courts. As usual no coverage on media. #HAPPENINGNOW

If Coronavirus cases are doubling every week and are currently 4 thousand a week , let’s see what that means 8k next week then 16k 32k 64k 128k, 256k, 1024k, 2048k , 4096k, 8192,16384,32768k, that is almost 33 million cases a week by Christmas..... and potentially 500,000 deaths.

Kirsty Duncan (Liberal) tweeted :

Let’s all guard against #COVIDfatigue. #EtobicokeNorth, we must practice #physicaldistancing, keep to our #contactbubble, #handwash, use #coughetiquette and #maskon. We are a strong and resilient community. Know I am always here for you, and we will get through this together.

Jamie Stone MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Why do all these fashion accounts keep wanting Collabs with me? 😂 Let’s see where this takes us... #fashionista #DCMSbrief

Please watch 👇This virus can’t affect any one of us and long term. Let’s just pause and recommit personally to do all we can to suppress it for ourselves, our loved ones and each other. Follow #FACTS