All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @BOConnorMP: RT @BOConnorMP: If @JoshFrydenberg keeps playing politics with the global pandemic he’ll misplace another $60b of taxpayers’ money.

@naukarshah Do you think he’ll listen sir? He sold our country long back! #ChinaComesModiRuns

Johnson will send that letter but make it clear that if the EU extends, he’ll smash the place up. Block every council; veto any treaty. And dare the EU27 - in the light of this intention - to kick us out in 31 days time. In other words his presence as PM becomes the issue. (2/4)

Sadiq Khan (Labour) tweeted :

Strong, spirited effort from @LFC players tonight. Devastated for @mosalah but know he’ll come back stronger than ever. #YNWA #UCLFinal…

Turnbull’s refusal to put One Nation last after the WA/Qld elections shows he’ll put extremists in his party room before the Lib’s interest.

Geoff Regan (Liberal) tweeted :

Fond memories of Andrew Telegdi, passionate MP and good friend. Once saw him sink a 60’ putt on an uneven green. He’ll be missed.

RT @GeorgeWillRSS: RT @GeorgeWillRSS: Trump is the waterbeetle of American politics, and he’ll keep on flabbergasting