All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @BOConnorMP: RT @BOConnorMP: If @JoshFrydenberg keeps playing politics with the global pandemic he’ll misplace another $60b of taxpayers’ money.

RT @cynthiaewulonu: RT @cynthiaewulonu: This virus has my mum rattled. Look at the vn she left my brother bc he said he’ll be home tomorrow ◽◽…

RT @StephenLloydEBN: If this is true then Cummings is a grade A shit and, as sure as eggs is eggs, he’ll crash and burn. You don’t treat people who report to you like this, ever! Even Tory gov SPADS. Kindness costs nothing.

Trust he’ll be asked about this next time you have him on @VaughanRoderick ?

RT @labourlewis: RT @labourlewis: The only ‘winner’ he’ll ever pick....…

RT @adrianmasters84: 1/8 Details of Boris Johnson’s ‘Minister for the Union’ visits have been announced. As I reported last week he’ll be in Scotland Monday with a visit to ‘a farming community’ in Wales also promised. (I understand it’ll be in the north and on Tuesday)

RT @ToryFibs: A vortex of delusion. He’ll never be the U.K. Prime Minister. If I ever captain Ireland to the World Cup, I would take the penalties.…

RT @LiadhNiRiadaMEP: Our @M_AndersonSF said it best - "There is no doubt in all our minds that if Martin McGuinness was with us today he’ll be holding up support Liadh Ní Riada and he’d ask you one and all to give her your No. 1 today for President." #Aras18 #LiadhForPresident #IVotedForLiadh

@alexdaiglecup @JoeyColeman If he’s serious and passionate, he’ll do an interview tonight or tomorrow night. Or the night after.

RT @nicholadrummond: @NSoames @WelshGuards Welsh Guards Regimental Adjutant saw him this afternoon. Says no serious injuries, but he’ll need a bit of time to recover. #ThankGoodness