All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @BOConnorMP: RT @BOConnorMP: If @JoshFrydenberg keeps playing politics with the global pandemic he’ll misplace another $60b of taxpayers’ money.

RT @DublinAirport: Apparently, the pilot is testing his eyesight just to make sure he’ll be ok for a transatlantic flight in a day or two. Sorry, that’s obviously not the case. It’s collecting information for a mapping software company.

Jo Stevens (Labour) tweeted :

This is a barest thread from @Jamiehuwroberts who has returned to #Cardiff to volunteer for @CV_UHB He’ll be doing a daily blog about the wonderful people who are caring for our city’s people and many beyond

Johnson will send that letter but make it clear that if the EU extends, he’ll smash the place up. Block every council; veto any treaty. And dare the EU27 - in the light of this intention - to kick us out in 31 days time. In other words his presence as PM becomes the issue. (2/4)

RT @GiNO768: One thing about #BraWilly, he’ll always bring up excellent points and I agree with him, it’s too pricey for locals to experiences tourism in their own country #PowerDrive #987Woman @Powerfm987 @mmKubayiNgubane @TasneemMotara @ThabisoTema @Maseitu #TourismSA

RT @GlennBBC: “Never, never, never” @Jeremy_Hunt says he’ll “never allow our union to be broken up” Previously said @NicolaSturgeon would need to win outright majority at Holyrood for #indyref2 Clip via @Conservatives digital hustings

I’m pleased to be supporting ⁦@DominicRaab⁩ as the next PM of our country- he’ll deliver Brexit and a renewed vision for ⁦@Conservatives⁩ #readyforraab…

James Carver MEP (EU) tweeted :

The Lib Dem’s think that @guyverhofstadt is their secret electioneering weapon. He’ll speak within the cosy London bubble - Such a shame that he won’t be meeting working class voters in the Midlands & North.…

Today in the House: I’m asking the Minister of Justice if he’ll overturn this voting ban, which we know is a breach of the Bill of Rights Act and hinders rehabilitation…

RT @sunpoliticsmids: UKIP’s @Billukip lost his Dudley Council seat on Thursday and says he’ll quit politics when he stands down as an MEP next March. More local election fall out from 11am on BBC1