All deleted tweets from politicians

Ian Lavery MP (Labour) tweeted :

Cancer hasn’t stopped during coronavirus; it’s affecting more people than ever. That’s why this year’s #MacmillanCoffeeMorning is the most important yet, because more people with cancer now need Macmillan’s support. That’s why I’m planning to #RaiseAMug for @macmillancancer

Ian Lavery MP (Labour) tweeted :

Cancer hasn’t stop during COVID-19, and neither has Macmillan.  Every penny raised at a #MacmillanCoffeeMorning helps Macmillan provide vital support to people with cancer, who need it now more than ever. That's why my team and I are raising a mug to @macmillancancer #RaiseAMug

“He hasn’t read the protocol, he hadn’t read the bill, he doesn’t know his stuff”... Johnson never was a details man. Much more adept at the art of meaningless waffle...

I’m surprised James Cleverly hasn’t produced one of his graphs. #BenandJerrys

Prashant Bhushan (india) tweeted :

Atmanirbhar: "Don’t look at the government for help – hasn’t Prime Minister Modi said we must practice atmanirbharta? That’s not self-reliance –that translates as, “you are now on your own”& applies to all, whether migrant or yuppie or that retired person"…

RT @LordCFalconer: Williamson says Cummings has satisfied the PM he hasn’t broken the law, and that’s the end of the matter. A word with the PM and the law can be ignored. Will anybody in the government stand up for the law? The AG? The Lord Chancellor? The Cabinet Secretary? Anybody?

RT @TriciaAyrton: #StayAtHomeSaveLives This virus hasn’t become any less dangerous or contagious because we happen to have an incompetent government and Prime Minister

It hasn’t

RT @Julieporth: Hi @BBCWalesNews @BBCNews The Wales teletext page on the UK news hasn’t been updated for almost a week- the other three countries have been updated regularly - Wales sidelined again?

You doesn’t qualify because he hasn’t yet assembled armoury the nation needs to win the war#auspol