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RT @TTLastSpring: 1915 Thunderhead Pink Cloud Over a Lake #tt1915

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

For those who didn’t read faceapp's terms of service... #FaceApp

RT @Carolyn_Bennett: Gr8 news for Canadian families - the #CanadaChildBenefit is increasing again on July 20th! Over 5,600 families in #TOS…

Robert Aubin (NDP) tweeted :

On enregistre le 8e épisode du balado Le Député-Prof! Cette semaine, on démistifie la toute nouvelle Charte des passagers, qui est entrée en vigueur (partiellement...) le 15 juillet dernier. Bonne écoute! #polcan #transport

Marc Garneau (Liberal) tweeted :

La pauvreté est au niveau historique le plus bas! 🇨🇦 L'allocation canadienne pour enfants a aidé à sortir près de 30 000 enfants de la pauvreté. Alors que les conservateurs n'ont jamais appuyé l'ACE, nous continuerons à nous battre pour que tous les enfants aient une chance égale

@JohnnyCanuck_ @EyesOfBlue06 @TimUppal @AndrewScheer Thanks for noticing! It's an honour to be given the platform. Want to make sure I don't take it for granted or waste the opportunity. :-)

Bob Rae (unknown) tweeted :

If you think he’s the kind of person that steps aside, think again @joshmatlow. He isn’t going of his own accord. Ever. It will make more determination than that. One poll isn’t going to do it.

RT @nspector4: The unemployment rate was 3.7 % in June, near its lowest level since 1969but the participation rate was stuck at 62.9 %, nea…

Presented without comment…

Dan Albas (Conservative) tweeted :

Thankful for this letter from the Town of Princeton, voicing support for legislative changes found in Bill C-447 as they have experienced looting of evacuated properties. During a fire or flood, citizens and first responders need to focus on evacuation efforts & not looters.