All deleted tweets from politicians

Me: Where's the train I'm sitting on going? FCC: St Pancras. Me: Great FCC: There's no driver. Good luck.

@SmyWord One redemptive thought is that there's real skill in reducing all that complexity to a single phrase. It's where we add value?

@GlamorousLeft Obvs charities don't make profits. Not a claim I've made, but I think there's an issue there worth probing.

@danielblaney Forests, National Parks, Hunting, British Waterways, Climate Change Reporting, Wildlife, Biodiversity... there's more too!

@M_dubzz I've pointed out there's an odd little story in the mirror. I also tweet about cats and develop policy. Unfollow?

@SteveBakerMP There's precious little evidence of it on the 7.28 to West Hampstead (cc @fgreen)

@MarikaRose No doubt there's a SWAT team on the way to his house now. Winning.

@craigawoodhouse Not as far as I'm aware, but it does feel there's a bit of momentum right now, no?

So there's no growth, then. Borrowing's up. Unemployment rising. Our credit rating on negative watch. George Osborne's claiming the credit?!

There's some rugby on? Pah. I'm off to hang with the Girl Guides.