All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @robdelaney: Joe Biden being hidden away by his donors/staff now (for very obvious reasons) may help him win primary but he’ll have to come out of hiding in the general & he’ll be shredded & Trump will waltz to a 2nd term & all will suffer. His staff, donors & friends are dangerous, to you.

RT @DublinAirport: Apparently, the pilot is testing his eyesight just to make sure he’ll be ok for a transatlantic flight in a day or two. Sorry, that’s obviously not the case. It’s collecting information for a mapping software company.

@naukarshah Do you think he’ll listen sir? He sold our country long back! #ChinaComesModiRuns

Jo Stevens (Labour) tweeted :

This is a barest thread from @Jamiehuwroberts who has returned to #Cardiff to volunteer for @CV_UHB He’ll be doing a daily blog about the wonderful people who are caring for our city’s people and many beyond

RT @cynthiaewulonu: RT @cynthiaewulonu: This virus has my mum rattled. Look at the vn she left my brother bc he said he’ll be home tomorrow ◽◽…