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OSD to Chief Minister - UP. Mission = विश्वगुरु - भारत with उत्कृष्ट प्रदेश - यूपी! (Views are Personal, RTs aren't endorsement)

RT @georgina09641: Can all my followers who aren't already members of @WorkersPartyGB please join our open, online meeting tomorrow night at 8pm you'll be glad you did

RT @AMacEwen: Important to know - money from the package being debated by MPs today will not flow until April - application forms aren't even available yet. Feds must supplement with a faster one-time universal lump sum:… #COVID19 #cdnpoli

RT @HadleyFreeman: What does this even mean? That people who die from Coronavirus aren't fighters? That they have unspecified moral failings? I get that Raab is under a lot of pressure, but haven't enough cancer patients told us by now that this "fighter" talk is really unhelpful and judgemental?…

RT @josephfcox: New: after Twitter hack, Senator Ron Wyden asks why DMs aren't end-to-end encrypted (Jack Dorsey previously told Wyden Twitter was working on E2E DMs, Wyden says)…?

RT @ColourMeGreen5: Drew Hendry getting the message across on SKY news.. He's correct, people aren't daft... They are making sacrifices, then they see Cummings flouting the rules.

RT @andraydomise: The thing is, if you aren't indicting capitalism and state structures in your critique of white supremacy, you're not really critiquing white supremacy. You're not even thinking about critiquing white supremacy. You're thinking about thinking about critiquing white supremacy.

RT @AaronWherry: RT @AaronWherry: Don't let anyone ever tell you that the fiscal reference tables aren't fun.…

Neil O'Brien MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Local mayor: there is deprivation across different ethnic groups in my city Environment agency: we aren't going to do media with you for saying that…

tiers bakker (sp) retweeted @n_srnck :

RT @n_srnck: RT @n_srnck: Turns out the ventilators that Elon Musk has been loudly buying aren't, in fact, ventilators…

@PadraigogOColla @NicolaSturgeon @SouthLanCouncil If local authorities aren't even getting it right, it must not be clear enough. I don't think many council workers can just decide to take an extra van. Management/leadership also must lead by example. Hearing silly stories of managers more worried about justifying their budget.