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ex-Minister for FDI, Tech, Marketing & Finance professional, runner & photographer, ex-Citi quant, MSFT, Wharton, UofChicago alum

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RT @alexstamos: We are headed to a world where startups in the US, China and India are able to grow in with a permissive, large domestic customer base and don't operate in the EU until they are large enough to face the compliance costs. German companies with 15 employees hit those day 1.

RT @Austen: In 1971 tuition, room and board at the average US university was $18,140 (in today’s dollars). Today it’s $48,150. Almost all of the increase in spending has gone to huge administrative salary + pensions and enormously expensive facilities. You can’t reverse those.

RT @ProfFeynman: RT @ProfFeynman: Physics is to math what sex is to masturbation.

RT @antoniogm: Holy shit. @FedEx/@nytimes faceoff. More open pugnacity in our public sphere would be one positive externality of Twitter culture.

RT @IngrahamAngle: RT @IngrahamAngle: Neil Ferguson's Imperial model could be the most devastating software mistake of all time…

Vele Samak (unknown) retweeted @mims :

RT @mims: Median Uber/Lyft driver in U.S. makes $3.37 an hour, new MIT/Stanford study finds. 30% of drivers actually lose money.…

@bassinfusion Much to learn, you have! Не знаеш доволно да отфрлиш став паушално, како што неможе да биде аргумент тип кој брани локална пропаганда со измислен речник за капитализам/пазари. Услов за учење е скепса кон сопствени ставови. Јас имам студирано за Кина и источна Азија, работам...

RT @ReformedBroker: . @matt_levine describing Masayoshi Son (SoftBank) meeting Adam Neumann (WeWork) for the first time is my favorite thing on the Internet this week.