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Surgeon by Profession,Politician by Passion...National Spokesperson of BJP

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Sambit Patra (unknown) tweeted :

कांग्रेस को लगता है वो प्रधानमंत्री जी को गाली दे कर चुनाव जीत जाएँगे? प्रधानमंत्री जी ने खुद अमेरिका में कहा था मेरे सफलता का राज है ..मैं रोज़ दो ढाई किलो गाली खाता हूँ। आप गाली देते रहें वो काम करते रहेंगे।

Sambit Patra (unknown) tweeted :

On @aajtak at 3PM with @Sardana arohit

RT @nitin_gadkari: Yesterday, I was feeling weak and consulted my Doctor. During the course of my check up, I have been tested COVID 19 positive. I am at present doing well with the blessings and good wishes of all. I have isolated myself.

RT @optima100: RT @optima100: @sambitswaraj @TimesNow glad to see ur firm stance on the#ArrestTraitorsNow..pls take a prompt appropriate action,Sambitji

RT @optima100: RT @optima100: @sambitswaraj spontaneous,apt description Itna naa beh jaana ki AAP se tum aur tum se tu ho jao :-P #AAPKaSting @TimesNow

RT @optima100: RT @optima100: @sambitswaraj hw appaling to knw tht the so calld activists think Brits r the saviours of this country!It's Anti Nationalis…


RT @KKSharma28: @sambitswaraj ji you are absolutely right. Brave people's didn't want sympethi, it's very clear massage to those people's they want sympethi like that rajdeep sardesai and riya chakravarti 😂😂😂

RT @RahulTulsian6: Well said Mr @sambitswaraj ji,your A to I,it's destroyed the so called evils spirits of india and there's a lot of it too, your word's are true and honest too and of course courageous, I salute you sir ji for your courage, Bharat Mata ki jai jai hind

RT @RahulTulsian6: Well said Mr @sambitswaraj ,your word's are true and honest too, I say your courage for destroying the evils, the evils ruled india for so long, shameless and uncultured,lastly you're 💯✔too,#soniajinrahulping ,right word's for the corrupted family persons shameless