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Member of Parliament for Parkdale--High Park and Official Opposition Industry Critic

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RT @burnsurns: RT @burnsurns: Amazing team today canvassing for @PeggyNashNDP to make childcare more affordable & to #StopC51 #cdnpoli #ParkHP #NDP http:/…

RT @burnsurns: RT @burnsurns: Great day to be out canvassing for @PeggyNashNDP talking about fed min wage #upthewage #ParkHP #cdnpoli…

RT @burnsurns: RT @burnsurns: Another great night & great team canvassing for @PeggyNashNDP connecting with #ParkHP residents! #StopC51 #cdnpoli http://t.…

Peggy Nash (unknown) retweeted @peggynash :

RT @peggynash: Well auto talks with UNIFOR should go well for the workers with this leadership team in their sisterhood masks determined to make progress. #inspiringwomen@UniforTheUnion⁩@UniforWomen⁩ #womenleaders

RT @MurrayRankin: Very disappointed that the Liberals voted against creating a special committee to fight homelessness across Canada. This government is doing far too little about the housing crisis and homelessness. Thank you @sherirbenson for your hard work on this motion.

RT @UniforLocal222: RT @UniforLocal222: Lana Payne has just been acclaimed as the Secretary-Treasurer of Unifor Canada #canlab @Lanampayne…

RT @ChrisBuckleyOFL: My heart aches for all workers and their families connected to our auto industry after the Chrysler announcement in Windsor. Premier @fordnation, 'Open for business'? How about finally structuring an Auto/Industrial Strategy before it's too late. #onlab

RT @ChrisBuckleyOFL: Congrats @OntarioNDP for releasing a progressive platform for Ontario workers and families! Pharma/dental care for all, free childcare for low-income and $12/day child care for others, 10 paid days for survivors of domestic/sexual violence, a ban on carding & more! #ONpoli #ONDP

RT @ChrisBuckleyOFL: It was a pleasure to speak @RyersonU as part of a panel on #Bill148 and #Bill47 at today’s Labour Standards conference today about the need for decent work laws, and wonderful to see @JimboStanford and @peggynash there!

Peggy Nash (unknown) retweeted @ynxri :

RT @ynxri: Ryerson University’s inaugural Women in the House initiative. An amazing opportunity to meet with MP’s and Ministers to discuss the importance of having women in government. @RUWomenInHouse #RUWomenInTheHouse #womenleaders