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Former Canadian Parliamentarian and youngest female MP in Canadian history. Currently #globalhealth advocacy in NYC.

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RT @ldobsonhughes: Tomorrow, 260,000 mainly female polio workers will start to vaccinate over 39 million kids across Pakistan. It's one of the most dangerous jobs in the world - more polio workers are killed annually (~100) than there are cases of polio (~30)…

RT @ldobsonhughes: If we ask politicians who promise spending how they'll pay for it, we should ask politicians who promise a tax cut how they'll pay for it too

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Truly, if there is any fan base as powerful as the BTS ARMY i’d like to hear about it

RT @ldobsonhughes: Something particularly British about the officiousness and absurdly strict policing of physical distancing. British people flooding 999 to dob in their neighbours for extra walks, police with drones, and police inventing new rules not in legislation

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Do we all remember when a certain former police chief compared legalizing weed to legalizing murder and then opened his own marijuana business

RT @OpenSociety: “While the pendulum has swung in Canada for white people to profit from cannabis, Black and Indigenous people have been left behind.”

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The juxtaposition

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RT @sadydoyle: RT @sadydoyle: I wrote about Beto, childcare, and why we need our Presidential candidates to be "cool."…

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many management companies aren’t evicting people through courts but through pressure.

RT @nhannahjones: The #1619Project published online today and it is my profound hope that we will reframe for our readers the way we understand our nation, the legacy of slavery, and most importantly, the unparalleled role black people have played in this democracy.…