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Former MInister of Finance & Min. of Natural Resources; now Chairman IESO, corporate director & commentator on finance, economics & politics

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Joe Oliver (unknown) tweeted :

Is there enough room under the bus for everyone guilty of @CanadianPM mistakes? @financialpost #joeoliverwrites

RT @joeoliver1: @CanadianPM recusal wouldn’t eliminate conflict since ministers unlikely to oppose proposal backed by PM. WE initiated deal not civil service. 2 prior ethical convictions means no moral compass. When will he ever learn? @TheTorontoSun #joeoliverwrites…

Joe Oliver (unknown) tweeted :

@CanadianPM didn't recuse himself despite close ties to WE Charity for same reason WE didn’t register as a lobbyist even though it pitched a proposal to several cabinet ministers. They don’t believe law & ethical rules apply to BFFs helping each other, provided they are liberals

RT @richardsagala25: RT @richardsagala25: l'honorable Joe Oliver ministre des finances du Canada de passage à Montréal aujourd'hui

Joe Oliver (unknown) tweeted :

Trudeau’s attempt to usurp powers of Parl proves need for a permanent Opposition Leader to hold gov’t to account. Also @CPC_HQ needs Leadership vote soon since a minority gov’t can engineer an election whenever advantageous. @TheTorontoSun #joeoliverwrites…

RT @joeoliver1: @CanadianPM failed leadership led Teck to abandon $20 billion Frontier project & rail blockades which damaged economy, undermined public confidence in rule of law, inflamed reg’l resentment & harmed indigenous peoples. @financialpost #joeoliverwrites…

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@angel100m @davidbroncano @_Queque_ Si le parece bien, que también me hable ◽

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@PauPerez33 @davidbroncano Que no que somos colegas

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