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MLA for Surrey-Panorama. Education, human rights and advocate for just and inclusive communities.

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RT @s_malcolmson: To connect more people to treatment & recovery they need: today $16 million to support new beds, & support existing services challenged by #COVID19. Details below from Minister @DarcyJudy. Grateful to frontline groups carrying the load a long time & know there's much more to do.

RT @1alexhemingway: No, BC could have maintained public spending levels as a share of our total economic pie, but chose to reduce them:

RT @1alexhemingway: For the record: here's how BC's outgoing govt distributed personal tax cuts over past 16 years, by household #bcpoli

RT @1alexhemingway: Bad as income inequality has gotten, wealth inequality is worse. The typical BC billionaire family is 5,845x wealthier than the typical BC household. 10 richest families have as much wealth as the bottom 1.32 million British Columbians.…

RT @NurseDerek: RT @NurseDerek: interesting review & commentary re @bcndp platform #bcpoli #bcelxn17…

Jinny Sims (unknown) tweeted :

Yup. We are in the middle of worldwide health pandemic.

Jinny Sims (unknown) retweeted @GeorgeNDP :

RT @GeorgeNDP: RT @GeorgeNDP: Unlike BC Liberal staff who spend their time doctoring videos?…

RT @WorkSafeBC: Today marks 62 years since the collapse of the Second Narrows Bridge (since renamed the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge) when 19 men died on June 17, 1958. Watch our tribute in collaboration with @BC_LHC or join the online event hosted by Ironworkers Local 97