All deleted tweets from politicians

Deputato Lega Salvini Premier. A Florentine who lives in London, investment banker, former Deputy Minister of foreign affairs, Bocconi MBA, in search of Börte.

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RT @ErrolWebber: @DeAnna4Congress @matteosalvinimi We need more Matteo Salvini type leaders. He’s a model for how to do it right. Italy is going to play a major role in exposing the Deep State & look forward to seeing Salvini at the forefront of it.

RT @Abundance247: Do you love fitness Do you love the UK Are you kind Are you positive Are you following nice people not p.rn Do you believe your future will be bright after lockdown!🙏 HELLO 💙🦋💙🦋 #future

RT @sahouraxo: Nasser exposing extremist hypocrites. Saudi Arabia tried to topple this secular leader just as it is trying to overthrow Assad today.

Con grande rispetto per tutti gli altri ... fatemi fare un plauso particolare @zaiapresidente esemplare in questo periodo di crisi. #covid19

RT @pulte: RT @pulte: I’m going give $10,000 to someone random who retweets this tweet because its Easter ◽ (must be following me so I can dm you)

RT @mbmarino: RT @mbmarino: Ma solo a me la Ministra Azzolina sembra Sabina Guzzanti quando faceva Moana Pozzi?

RT @ambercowan201: Getting told at 28 to make sure you have your pension and will sorted. 1st nightshift in intensive care and we are short staffed. Please take this lock down serious 👏🏼 #COVIDー19 #nhs #nurse #icu #lockdownuk

Ah solidarietà europea...@EnricoLetta o @PaoloGentiloni o @nzingaretti o @luigidimaio mi spiegate perché cargo russi con aiuti medici per Italia non hanno potuto fare Mosca Roma diretto ma via Sochi, Turchia e Grecia?

@GuidoCrosetto Sicuramente un porto...