All deleted tweets from politicians

Deputato Lega Salvini Premier. A Florentine who lives in London, investment banker, former Deputy Minister of foreign affairs, Bocconi MBA, in search of Börte.

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RT @RudyGiuliani: Tony Bobulinski,a partner, of Hunter Biden has said #CrookedBiden knew of,and was part of,Hunter Biden’s getting millions for selling #CROOKEDJOE’s office. He is, also, the ”the Big Guy” getting 10% equity in deal with Chinese Comminists. Still being CENSORED!

RT @johnrobertsFox: RT @johnrobertsFox: Statement from fame Lt. Tony Bobulinski - a business associate of Hunter Biden - obtained by ⁦@FoxNews⁩…

@johncardillo The kiss of Judah...

RT @IvankaTrump: Great conversation with @GOPChairwoman and @Merecedesschlapp and @realdonaldtrump supporters in Naples this morning. #4MoreYears

RT @EricTrump: RT @EricTrump: Two great, courageous, Americans! ◽◽◽◽ @icecube @50cent

RT @EricTrump: RT @EricTrump: Florida: Today is your FIRST day of early voting! Let’s #KeepAmericaGreat ◽◽◽◽◽◽

RT @joshuawongcf: #StandWithThailand #MilkTeaAliance People should not be afraid of their governments. Only governments should be afraid of their people. (V for Vendetta)