All deleted tweets from politicians

Human rights lawyer, IranianKiwi refugee, Child rights advocate, Feminist, Oxford, UN. Don't ask me to cook. Authorised by Gwen Shaw, Lvl 2, 17 Garrett St, WLG

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RT @f_flipp: “Ross was elected as Senior Whip after the incumbent Tim Macindoe was appointed as Minister of Customs in May 2017” AFTER the Party knew about allegations from women. Bridges was a Senior Minister. Simply not credible that he wasn’t aware of such a risk issue is not credible.

RT @annoyed__asian: not all asians are japanese, korean or chinese !! it’s a huge ass continent, and you’ve all been brainwashed by the media to believe that asians are nerdy mathematical geniuses, and that asians who are brown or chubby don’t exist. all asians are valid, and that needs to be said!

RT @DaisyYHsu: "I think society gaslights minorities a little bit – it's all in your head, you've just got to be more confident, believe in yourself, put yourself out there. It's like, no – there are barriers there; there's a reason you don't feel pretty." 😭😭😭

RT @DaisyYHsu: White people be like “I support diversity which is why these three white men are more suited to being in parliament over a current first term WOC MP”

RT @Madicattt: I may be in Ōtaki but repping @_chloeswarbrick - all over Aotearoa I meet rangatahi who are inspired by Chlöe. You can see this in her street corner hui. She’s smart, communicates clearly and has been a strong MP. I’m not in AKLcentral so my vote for her is a party vote green.

RT @AnimalsWorId: RT @AnimalsWorId: Cat supervises watermelon farm in Thailand.

RT @NZGreens: 📣 BREAKING: We're thinking ahead by acting now. Today we're proud to launch our bold new vision for the future that resets and reimagines Aotearoa so all of us and our planet thrive.

RT @shaneellall: RT @shaneellall: Just me and @golrizghahraman swapping our ei katu, pure joy.

RT @simonbwilson: RT @simonbwilson: Overseas voter? Know someone who is? You might want to know about this…

RT @SachaDylan: RT @SachaDylan: @nzbenedict Notable contrast with the College of GPs' principled neutral stance with its members:…