All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @TheRealRafiek: RT @TheRealRafiek: For those that think it's greener on the other side.

RT @MoatsTV: Blimey Guvnor.... @ian_puddick WEDNESDAY 8pm Watch #moatsEXTRA tomorrow LIVE and EXCLUSIVE on Facebook info:… SHOWTIME 🇬🇧 20:00 GMT+1/London 🇺🇸 3pm ET | 2pm CT | 1pm MT | 12pm/PT

George Galloway (unknown) tweeted :

Blimey Guvnor.... @ianpuddick WEDNESDAY 8pm

RT @Sid54606840: "An event in Baghdad on 12 July 2007 during which the US military claimed to have killed a dozen terrorists. But the incident had been filmed by the gun camera of the US Apache helicopter that had carried out the shootings, and the people it targeted were all civilians"

RT @KarenRo08012406: Alison Pearson (SNP) Nailed in house of commons! She stated Scottish government introduced £500 grant for lowest paid. Sunak,corrected her that it was the uk government that introduced it and that is paying for it through Barnet.😂

RT @Laurie_By_Sea: @georgegalloway I was at his talk in Brighton tonight. He is an incredible man, like Jeremy and yourself. He doesn’t play the victim. I cried when he held my hand and told me to stay strong. ‘Together we WILL win!’ His words. 🙏🏼✊🏽🌹

RT @Laurie74598982: @georgegalloway @BarryGardiner Don’t know if you saw Newsnight last night but LibDem mp, Layla Moran, literally said she had been helping them to do this split for more than a year! Watch the clip and you’ll see Damien Green raise his eyebrows at Stephen Kinnock. So, very planned, not pushed!

RT @Laurie_By_Sea: @georgegalloway @LondonTheatre1 @afshinrattansi Look George! Pick ‘n’ Mix Swarfega! 😂 I used to love the smell of the grainy one. Am I weird? My Dad used it when he was a panel beater/spray painter. The good ol’ days.

RT @Laurie_By_Sea: @GodberLennie @RandallNortham @JennieGenSec @georgegalloway I frequently retweet @georgegalloway and will continue to do so, so I may be joining you as well. What will they do? Rey rid of all their members who speak the truth? 🤷🏼‍♂️