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Minister of Economic Development

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RT @em_saeed: Get your facts right @faya_i . Kuddoo Airport was awarded during 2010. Surely I don’t have to tell u who the President was at the time. Let me know if you have troubles knowing who the bid committee chair was.

RT @HKurusee: @faya_i Do you regret publishing full profile of desperate citizens without their consent who came to you, to the entire planet, or you still stand by your decision, and you'd do the same again? @faya_i

Fayyaz Ismail (unknown) replied to @waddey :

@waddey No such permission have been given.

RT @moosaanvar: @SobeAbdulla According to the information you publicised by @faya_i cement y proposed for 60% roads. How do you decide 60% of Addu roads are “kudhu goalhi”? Only sub-base. THIS IS RIDICULOUS

RT @Midhath19: @faya_i @Simwarr No. You are forcing us to walk closer to so many other people. This is what happens when policy makers don't walk the shoes of the common person. Minister carukolhuga ulhunas magumatheega dhimaavaa kanthah nuvisneyne.

RT @MohamedSharif: I thought when the Xpat system went under @MoEDmv, minister @faya_i will get rid of the time restrictions imposed on the WEBSITE! Boy I was wrong. The online system has the same amount of working hours, leaves and annual leave as a civil servant! The rise of AI & robots? 😐

RT @JazeeranewsMv: MTCC successfully completed the design & build of GDh. Thinadhoo Ice Plant area quay wall on 4th August 2020. Project works involved dredging operations of 9245cbm, harbor basin dredging operations of 1859.01cbm, construction of a 161m quay wall, and a 10m revetment.

Fayyaz Ismail (unknown) tweeted :

Having did that the right to sue for an apology and correction of a false statement should be available to State officials as well but no damages.

Fayyaz Ismail (unknown) tweeted :

The utter false allegations and insinuations in this article specially on this Independence Day warrants exposure . To this effect I will submit to the relevant institutions including the Proples Majlis to investigate the allegations and expose the truth of falsehood if this.

Fayyaz Ismail (unknown) retweeted @MoEDmv :

RT @MoEDmv: ކުންފުންޏާބެހޭ ޤާނޫނުގެ 75 ވަނަ މާއްދާގެ (ށ) ގެ ދަށުން 4924 ކުންފުނި އުވާލިކަން އަންގާ އިޢުލާނުކުރުން… List of dissolved companies -…