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Board of Directors @VarietyVillage, Franco-Ontarian, Father, Gamer, Geek, Nerd, Lego, Everything Transit, former Member of Parliament for Scarborough Southwest

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Dan Harris (unknown) retweeted @JMCassels :

RT @JMCassels: @TOAdamVaughan @nathancullen Are you talking about Kennedy Stewart? Who announced his intentions, continued to show up to Parliament every day it was open, voted, did constituency duties and actually resigned when he said he would? If so, I can spot a few differences between him an Do Iorio.

Dan Harris (unknown) retweeted @cfhorgan :

RT @cfhorgan: RT @cfhorgan: now that's a commitment.

Dan Harris (unknown) retweeted @WrightHFX :

RT @WrightHFX: @CharlieAngusNDP reminded us that the NDP started the 2011 election with many once again writing the NDP obituary just as they are now. The NDP under Singh is polling higher than Layton pre-election. He also reminds us how smarmy Liberals can be. #cdnpoli

RT @IntelGaming: RT @IntelGaming: Your path to Tokyo starts here. #IntelWorldOpen

RT @CharlieAngusNDP: I suppose if someone wanted to sell hash from their car at night in a west Toronto suburb, I'm sure these license plates would seem like the best thing going. Other people might see it as staggering incompetence.…

Dan Harris (unknown) retweeted @BVachet :

RT @BVachet: Le directeur général @ElectionsCan_F a remis, ce matin, son rapport sur la 43e élection générale de l'automne. On y apprend que 367 plaintes ont été déposées pour des problèmes de services bilingues #frcan #cdnpoli…

RT @steve_meagher: Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto is now over $2,000. Here's how much Ontario Works provides each month for housing costs: Single Person = $384 Family of Two = $632 Family of Three = $686 Family of Four = $744 In Toronto, poverty runs deep.

RT @steve_meagher: It's August and there are 7,000 people in Toronto's emergency shelter system. Homelessness isn't seasonal. It doesn't magically disappear when the ice melts. And in Toronto, it's getting worse. Think it might have something to do with this...…

Dan Harris (unknown) retweeted @SCOIncMB :

RT @SCOIncMB: 2/2: A few Key issues brought forward to @NDP's @theJagmeetSingh: Water management, infrastructure, Restorative justice, SCO’s Youth Empowerment Program, health, & CFS programs & funding. Miigwetch for coming out to Winnipeg—safe travels as you bring this message back to Ottawa!

Dan Harris (unknown) retweeted @SCOIncMB :

RT @SCOIncMB: 1/2: Canada’s @NDP Leader @Jagmeet Singh/jagmeetsingh visited @SCOIncMB’s office today—Grand Chief @Jerry Daniels highlighted concerns of SCO’s 34 member First Nations. Jagmeet Singh requested this meeting and asked, “How can I be an ally?” #FirstNations #cdnpoli #mbpoli #NDP