All deleted tweets from politicians

Dan Bidois

Dropout, Butcher, Harvard Grad, Consultant, Economist, and now National Party MP for Northcote.

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RT @NZWarriors: 49’ Pass 👌 then RTS does the rest - TRY! 🙌 #WeAreWarriors

Dan Bidois (unknown) tweeted :

Today New Zealand have been shaken but not broken. The events in Christchurch will be remembered for a lifetime. Remembered for reasons of violence and tragedy but also of bravery and heroic kiwis doing extraordinary things in times of trial. Kia Kaha Christchurch.

RT @simonjbridges: I’m shocked to hear about the incident unfolding in Christchurch. My heart goes out to the families and I stand with the…

Dan Bidois (unknown) tweeted :

There’s some blurry lines going on here with the TWG chair Michael Cullen! 🧐🤨👎🏻

RT @amyadamsMP: Cullen’s Tax working group has recommended a massive tax grab with 8 new taxes including a Capital Gains Tax. This will ham…

Dan Bidois (unknown) tweeted :

I along with many other community groups in Northcote strongly oppose Little Shoal Bay being included as a site for freedom camping. Let's hope your Councillors and Mayor Goff listens to our community over the matter!…

Dan Bidois (unknown) tweeted :

Poor @PhilTwyford having to face all these people mocking his pet project!

Dan Bidois (unknown) tweeted :

The coalition government’s so incompetent they can’t even turn up to their own select committee meetings! #NZPol

Dan Bidois (unknown) tweeted :

Call it what you want: sub-par, below expectations, below plan, off course, behind the 8 ball - it all points to this government not delivering on their election promises!

RT @BenThomasNZ: Release the Richie Hardcore Text So We Can See If It’s Problematic