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RT @VoCommunism: Today we commemorate #BlackRibbonDay to honor the memory of the millions killed by Nazi & Communist regimes across Europe.ā€¦

RT @MFA_Ukraine: All the challenges we've faced over the last 5 years made to become stronger and move forward. Every reform our governmenā€¦

RT @GeoffyPJohnston: The concept of the ā€˜global villageā€™ is commonly understood to mean a harmonious world. But #MarshallMcLuhan, the Canadā€¦

RT @LRCmag: There's been a needle in our veins allā€¦

RT @calxandr: Xi is on a losing wicket, in Hong Kong & elsewhere: 'In encrypted chats, Hong Kong protesters find support from mainland Chinā€¦

RT @CHogarthPC: It was a privilege to join my colleague ā¦@KingaSurmaMPPā© to bring greetings on behalf of Premier ā¦@fordnationā© honouring thā€¦

RT @FraserInstitute: NEW STUDY: Canadaā€™s federal carbon tax may cause ā€œcarbon leakageā€ā€”where firms relocate industrial activity to countrieā€¦

RT @AfghanHistorian: Many incl Amanullah, Tarzai &Nadir Khan had reservations &criticised Ali Ahmad,head of #Afg delegation. After heated dā€¦