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Minister of Education, Maldives

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Aishath Ali (unknown) retweeted @cnni :

RT @cnni: "We already faced a learning crisis before the pandemic." The world is facing a "generational catastrophe" because of school closures during the coronavirus pandemic, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned Tuesday.

RT @M_Hameedh: Two of our officers who were performing public order policing duties were spat at by a protester(s) tonight. We are still in the midst of the #COVID19 pandemic and have had the highest number of local infections today. Strongly condemn this uncivilised act. Will be investigated.

Aishath Ali (unknown) retweeted @MoEdumv :

RT @MoEdumv: RT @MoEdumv: TIME REVISED: Weekly Webinar Series organized by @MoEdumv & @NIEMaldives Webinar 2: Youth Skills and Employment…

Aishath Ali (unknown) retweeted @MoEdumv :

RT @MoEdumv: RT @MoEdumv: Weekly Webiner Series organized by @MoEdumv and @NIEMaldives Webiner 2: Youth Skills and Employment

@Arabiyya_School @MoEdumv @ArabiyyaMudheer @YOOSUF @aala Congratulations to all the award winners ◽◽

Aishath Ali (unknown) tweeted :

Student health is our first priority. #ufalunschoolah…

RT @Vainujeheyge: History when compiled right can change the course of history; it is a subject, when done right, would stand the test of time. Glad to note RN would also issue Kindle app friendly, PDF version/s @mohamednasheed #MaldivesHistory #MNU

RT @FaisalNasym: Welcome to the #sunnysideoflife. It is a proud moment for the Maldives to reopen it's borders to tourists after the blockade due to COVID19 pandemic. We await to make your holiday a memorable one. #VisitMaldives

RT @Arabiyya_School: We are glade and delighted to meet our students. WELCOME back grade 9 - 12 students and staff. May almighty ALLAH keeps us all SAFE and HEALTHY. @MoEdumv @aisthly @ArabiyyaMudheer

RT @presidencymv: RT @presidencymv: President @ibuolih extended his heartfelt gratitude to @PoliceMv for their tireless services in regards to Covid-19 https…